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About Me – Brody Hall


Early on…

I was born in Arkansas, lived all over the country, and had a great childhood.  After high school I joined the US Army and was 11 Bravo (Infantry) for a small period of time before I was injured.  After my discharge, I headed off to college where I got my degrees in English Lit & Creative Writing, and that is where I started with the camera…


Have I mentioned I LOVE taking pictures?

I started my photography career with seasonal photos in the mall. Taking pictures of the kids with Santa and the Easter Bunny. I worked for several companies until I started my own business. I still smile when I get to work a seasonal photo job – there is nothing like seeing a child’s face light up when they talk to Santa!

I realized that my gear was sitting there the rest of the year and that was just wrong. I started doing portraiture and events in college, shooting for the local newspaper, and covering community events. I finally broke into weddings and doing larger corporate conventions when I moved to Los Angeles. And here I am!!! I have worked at the White House, the Pentagon, and Arlington Cemetery. I have photographed NBA, NFL, and World Super Bike races. I have photographed up in Alaska and down in the Bahamas.

One of the things I strive for is to deliver unparalleled quality and creativity! It’s fun to work in a new location and come up with great ideas and poses for a bridal party or a mommy-to-be. It’s simply amazing what you can get people to do when you hold a camera!

I am open to your ideas and concepts and am VERY easy going, non-stressful, and have fun at every event.


My Training

As I stated before, I started with seasonal photos.  This taught me so much about reading kids and how to be fast with the camera.   I worked for a few other photography companies as well, including Olan Mills, The Picture People, Sears Photos, and many more.  Each place taught me something unique when it comes to photography; exposure, posing, props, lighting.  Without a doubt, I get a lot of compliments on my posing skills and I owe all that to Olan Mills.   Studio work, I gained mostly from The Picture People.  I have really enjoyed my time at different jobs and learned a lot.

Wedding are a little different matter.  I learned most of that on my own when I first started out.  I read books, went to seminars and WPPI conventions, and I listened to some of the best photographers in the world.  I have worked with and taught a number of interns, passing on my tips and tricks.  I have worked with several other photographers at sporting & charity events, sharing with them and learning from them.  One of the best learning opportunities I ever had was working with Grant Oaks and David Beckstead.  Over the years, I know my work has gotten better and better.  I am now excited to see my level of photography develop in the next ten years.