Rehearsal luncheons and dinners are HUGE!  With or without a photographer…  Make sure you do a quick run thru for your wedding day.  Photo wise, it’s fantastic, the photographer knows everything that should happen and where they need to be to get the best image.  It’s a wonderful time to give the wedding party tips and hints on where to look, how to hold their hands, all kinds of lil things that make the photos that much better.

And then of course, there is the laughter, the food, and the fun of the rehearsal dinner.   Always a great photo op and something special for your wedding album.

The Rehearsal

Shane & Kim wedding rehearsal hugs

Down to the wire…

This is it!  Tomorrow you will be married and all the hard work and planning will be realized and appreciated by all.  You have decorated, you have partied, you have planned, you have practiced, now it’s time to get some sleep…

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Kim and shane wedding rehearsal walking away
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