I remember T-ball when I was 10, I recall playing football in high school, and all the intramural sports in college.  Thank goodness for the camera, because I am a much better sports photographer than athlete.  Over the years, I have been hired to photograph NBA games, NFL games, little league baseball, adventure races, motorcycle races, and high school track to name just a few.  (I was also hired to photograph a NHL party where I got to eat chocolate Hagen Daz ice cream out of the Stanley Cup).  Did I mention I love being a photographer?  I have traveled all over the country working with different teams, companies, and sports brands.  What a great way to spend a day.

Denver Bronco running back pushing through the Raider's defense.

Being an athlete, enjoying sports, and understanding rules of the game are a huge advantage.  When I see the way a left handed baseball player steps up to the plate, I have a pretty good understanding of the direction he will hit the ball.  When I see the hand signals between two volleyball players in the sand, I know to shift for the line shot they are going to spike.  And when I am photographing a motorcycle race, or a 10k run, I can see the course and judge the best locations for the best shots; where they will unknowingly slow up for a photo or lean deep into a curve.  Additionally, I also know the safest places to be when someone is running the 400 meter hurdles or when a football is being thrown into the end zone.

Arena football quarterback getting ready for a pass

No matter the age, the sport, indoors or outside, team pictures, individual portraits, or actions shots. I can get the photos you want for your wall or desk.


     The camera I use for sports & action photography is the Nikon D3 – it probably doesn’t mean much to you, but with that camera, I can capture 11 frames per second. And yes, that means I can shoot pretty much any type of action you can imagine.  Anything from paintball matches to swim meets.
     Some of my sports photography credits include;  Denver Nuggets,  Denver Broncos,  Colorado Crush Arena Football,  Colorado Crush Cheer leaders,  American Motorcycle Racing,  World Superbike Racing,  Nissan Xterra Challenge,  Playboy Golf,  Valor High school track,  Denver Soccer,  AVP Volleyball,  Colorado Paintball, and many many more.




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