Proposals are breath taking…  Love is incredible…  And now, it’s time to let the world know.  Engagement portraits and parties are a wonderful thing.  People have asked me to do their engagement photos since before I was a wedding photographer.  They have included, but not limited to, other friends and family in the photos, children and animals, horse carts and motorcycles.  In addition, engagement parties are a fun way of celebrating with everyone.

Engagement Photography

engagement - 2 hands and a paw

If I Can Help…

This is where the planning really starts.  Weddings are a huge and involved event.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Planning colors, music, seating arrangements, seasonal concerns, menus, flowers…and the list just goes on and on.  Nope, I’m not offering to be your wedding planner, but I have been to a few weddings.  Don’t hesitate to ask me, I will be happy to give you tips and hints that I have seen work amazingly well.

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