The Bridal Dress

Over the last thirty years of being a photographer, I have done countless Bridal Dress shoots.  And yes, even for brides that I did not photograph their wedding.  This is a chance to show off the dress, the hair, the make-up, and the jewelry, without all the pressure of the wedding day.  Sometimes a bride will run a test day with her make-up artist and then do a photo session with the dress.  This is your chance to find a beautiful location model the dress, and get some absolutely amazing images.

The Gown

Sky in wedding dress at Great Sand Dunes

Bridal Boudoir

Yes, it’s a thing!  A bride wanting to give her fiance something very personal and special.  Just a little something to spice up their day.  Bridal boudoir is usually done in studio, but outside can be fun too.  Sometimes it’s done in lingerie, sometimes in a robe, and several times actually in the wedding gown itself.  No worries on the posing part, I will be happy to direct you and pose you.

Brides generally bring a friend or their Maid of Honor to help them change, do touch ups on their make-up, and help with their hair.  You might be a bit nervous at first, but trust me, five minutes into taking pictures and the jokes, you will be laughing and having a great time.

Beautiful and Sexy

Brittany in White wedding lingerie


You will love them…  The images will simply be incredible and you will have so much fun being posed and photographed.  Just remember, a year down the road, we will be doing maternity photos and those are even more fun…

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