It amazes me that so many models do not do this already,
what amazes me more is that photographers don’t correct them.

(1)    ..Every joint should be broke.  This is not a diehard must, but a great rule of thumb to follow. 
Elbow, wrist, knees, neck, waist – nothing should be straight – a small break in the joints will look SOOOO much better.

(2)    ..You hardly ever shoot straight on at the camera.  Again, always exceptions, but 90% of the time you want your body slightly angled to the camera.

(3)    ..DO NOT Hyper-extend!!!  I really can’t recall one good photo where the model had her arms hyper-extended and locked.  It just ain’t pretty…

(4)    ..Please, oh please, do NOT raise your shoulders!  Put a chair in front of a mirror, turn sideways and lean on the chair with one arm.  If you see your eyes, your nose, and then your shoulder – trust me, it looks HORRIBLE!  Keep your shoulders down.  No one wants to see your head sunk down between to lumps.  I don’t care how sexy you think your shoulders are – it isn’t a good pose.

(5)    ..Pointed toes makes legs look longer.  Don’t curl your toes around a rock – you are not a squirrel or a monkey, don’t cling.  Always try and point your feet if you are not standing on them. And yes – there are more


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