Knowing how to pose, having the right facial expression, showing the right emotion for a certain photo…all of these are important, but lets not forget about getting ready for the photo shoot. A little preparation can make a huge difference!

– FACE –

White Teeth. So many ways to whiten your teeth… You have the date for your shoot. Start a week before hand!

Don’t Pick. A pimple is very easy to cover with make-up, but a scab is a little more tricky. I know, sometimes it’s hard not to go after a bump, but put on your big girl shorts and keep your hands away!

Exfoliate. Oh yeah, shower time! Always a great way to start the day and just before a photo session. A gentle grainy scrub on the body and face is amazing! Do it a few times before your shoot, but allow a few days in between.

Facial. Always a good idea, just not right before the shoot. Facials can cause severe redness. A few days to a week is usually long enough for healing.

Eyebrows. You got this! You know if they need to be waxed or threaded or drawn on. Whatever it is you do! Do it right for your photos!

Make-up. I will always recommend a professional make-up artist! They have the right make-up and they know what they are doing. Usually in the neighborhood of a $100 bucks or so and about an hour of your time. Completely worth it! If you do decide to do it yourself. you want to go a lil heavy on make-up for a studio shoot. And watch out for make-up with Titanium Dioxide (small metal flakes that gives your face a shine). It will lighten your skin tone a few shades later than your body… This could look a little strange!

– Hair –

Touch Up. For those that like to color their hair, this is a great time to touch up your roots. However, this is NOT the time for a drastic change or to experiment with something new.

Trim. nothing like a nice trim and getting rid of split ends just before a photo shoot.

Condition. Honestly, this is a biggie for the ladies and the guys! A professional conditioning will make your hair shine. You can always use one of the home protein packs or just google some of the best ways to make your hair shine. I hear mayo, egg, and beer are some fun ways…

– Hands –

Manicure. Yes boys and girls, this is a biggie! Ladies, French manicures are the way to go, while guys can just do a nice clear coat.

Clean. If you are wearing jewelry, rings especially, getting them cleaned just before a shoot is not a bad idea. It will make a nice pop in the picture.

– Skin –

Shave. Yes! A must! And remember to shave any part of the body that will be photographed. I know nicks and cuts suck…having a clotting agent on hand will help.

Wax. If you do the waxing thing, make sure you wax all parts of the body that will be photographed. And, very importantly, do it a few days ahead of time, to allow ample healing and redness to vanish.

Tan. This is pretty much up to you! Some people live by the tan… And yes, it can be gorgeous and a beautiful glow. Gotta tell you, I have seen just as beautiful skin that was pale and pure.

Remember that, while Photoshop can hide a multitude of sins, you’ll love knowing that your pictures have captured your most perfect self. At the end of the day, there are some things no amount of preparation can change, (and maybe you wouldn’t want to). A couple of examples are birthmarks or scars. Some people feel that these markings are part of who we are, while others would rather have them “photoshopped” away. Which is right? Whatever you want. It’s your face, your body, your photos.

– Clothes –

What to Take. Hopefully you have already talked to your photographer about your shoot. Are you doing bridal, lingerie, fashion… A few different outfits, say 5 or 6, with matching undergarments should about do you. Any special jewelry you want, or props… Just don’t forget the heels. They make legs look great! One other tip on outfits, straight neck lines are very static, V, rounded or sweetheart necklines are much better in photos.

What to Wear. When you are going to your shoot – wear loose clothes, or sweats! Nothing that is going to give you lines. And if you are doing something in the shoot with less clothes, you probably want to skip the bra and underwear as well. It can take a good 15 minutes for clothes lines to go away.

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