Your number one concern when working with a new photographer should be your safety.  ALWAYS research the photographer, talk to models that have worked with them.  Even in communicating before hand, if you get a gut feeling it’s not good – go with your gut!  In this day and age, safety is everything – don’t take chances.

I always encourage first time models to bring an escort.  AND, if you don’t take an escort, make sure someone knows where you are (address, photographer’s name, & and have a check-in time).  I know a lot of you conceal carry and that is AWESOME, but an escort really is the way to go.  It pretty much shuts down anything a predator might have planned before it happens.  So you never get to the self-defense stage.

Bring someone you are comfortable posing in front of, someone that can help you and not hinder you, you are trusting this person with your safety.  An escort can help with your wardrobe, make-up, props.  A good escort can go a long way and generally works for food.



If you don’t allow escorts, why?  Yep, I have dealt with the silly jealous boyfriend, I even had one jack-a** escort re-arrange my set.  I simply never worked with that model again.  If a model chooses to bring a moron as an escort, that is just going to hurt their future, not yours.  REGARDLESS, you should always encourage escorts.  Just encourage husbands – they are always the best escorts.



You have one job, to keep the model safe.  To do that, you have to see them, don’t go wondering off and don’t sit in another room or out in the car.  Yeah, you can play on your phone, but you are there to watch over your friend.  You are there to keep her/him safe.  Take that seriously.  Some photographers may ask you to help – then help (as long as it’s not leaving the model alone).  Some photographers may want you to simply stay out of the way – stay out of the way, but in sight of the model.  Heck, I have asked escorts for ideas and had them hold wind machines.  I’ll take any assistant I can get.  I have escorted several models to shoot, just keep a low profile and fully charged phone.  🙂


escort helping with a set

The model’s escort helping out on the set.

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