It’s okay to be a stalker before you hire someone to take your pics.  Don’t just check the quality of their work, but look at their “LIKE” history, and the accounts they follow.  If they follow a lot of “I love Feet” Instagram pages – there’s a slim chance they are gonna try and get some pics of yourrrrrrrrr feet – due diligence is GOOOOOOD!



Set precise boundaries before arriving at your photoshoot.  Answer these questions beforehand-

  1. Are you comfortable with nude?
  2. Are you comfortable with implied?
  3. How sexy do you want? (1-10 scale)
  4. Do you want these pics to be shown by the photographer?

Share your answers with your photog before- and don’t apologize.  Many photogs ignore boundaries – you can (and should) say “NOPE”.



The creative’s character is more important than the quality of the work.  I have seen it a million times…  Where the model puts the creative on a pedestal, and basically becomes willing to do anything asked of them.  Shoot it once and it’s on the internet forever.



Photoshoots should be fun, tons of laughs.  Or even tears after seeing yourself through a creative camera lens.


Best way to minimize the chances of sketchy scenarios is to ask lots of questions, and ask others for their experiences.


Have fun, but be safe!


~Brett Seeley

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